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NBA Teams Should Not Attempt to Trade For Markelle Fultz

The Philadelphia 76ers began this season with a rough start, and like any team that deals with uncertainty, especially when it comes to young players, they acted quickly when they saw they could bolster their lineup by acquiring a star player in Jimmy Butler. 

The other side of this story, however, is the case of Markelle Fultz. After spending most of his first year hurt, the hopes were, just like his teammate Ben Simmons, he'd have a breakout season the second year and live up to the high expectations that come with being the number 1 pick, but things haven't panned out. Fultz's shooting was a major reason he was a high pick and is, unfortunately, the major thing he's struggling with. Some people have called it the 'yips' while Fultz has been on record saying it's an injury. 

Sixers attempted to fix his jump shot entirely, but then this free throw happened.

With the arrival of Jimmy Butler to the team, along with the fact that most the pieces traded to get him cost the 76ers a lot of shooting depth, the question now is what's the fate of Markelle Fultz? The team has said they have no intention of trading him although the rumors say otherwise. Two teams have apparently made offers for him but Ben Maller thinks no NBA teams should go near Fultz. Maller finds Fultz to be damaged goods and explains how history tells us Fultz's case of the 'yips' isn't going anywhere.

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Teams Would Be Crazy to Trade For Markelle Fultz