The Next 5 Weeks Are Important For Aaron Rodgers' Season Career

As the LA Rams and the Green Bay Packers are set to clash this Sunday, Colin Cowherd takes a look at the road ahead for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, and things look bad. Here's the list of teams the Packers face for the next five weeks:

  • LA Rams 7-0 (Away)
  • New England Patriots 5-2 (Away)
  • Miami Dolphins 4-4 (Home)
  • Seattle Seahawks 3-3 (Away)
  • Minnesota Vikings 4-2 (Away)

The Green Bay Packers have a season record of 3-2-1 right now. Cowherd said the Following regarding this schedule: "Folks...They're going to come out of this potentially a 4-6-1 team..."

Listen as Colin Cowherd breaks down more of the grim possibilities below.

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