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Nick Saban Talks Alabama's Season, Media Sparring & Kobe Bryant

The Dan Patrick Show had on Alabama Crimson Tide Head Coach, Nick Saban to talk in depth about this upcoming season. The big mystery has been who will get the starting quarterback job for Alabama this season. Dan Patrick begins by asking Saban what it takes to get that gig. Saban juggles his two QB options he has by describing their skillsets and qualifications, but he doesn't exactly say who should start. Patrick also asks Saban about sparring with the media and if he has fun doing it. Saban also talks about what it's like having cameras follow him around during training days and changing the image of Alabama recruiting. From what Patrick has observed, he feels that Saban's coaching staff presents a "positive intensity" during practice and wonders if that's by design. They also get into Kobe Bryant's visit with the Alabama squad. 

Nick Saban on Kobe:

"I think he did a fabulous job with the players. One of the statements that he made when one of the players asked, 'How did you score 60 in your last game?' And he said 'I worked eight hours a day for 365 days a year. They don't put that part on ESPN.' Great Players work hard, and they invest a lot into being the best player they can be, no different than anybody else. I think sometimes we all take that for granted. We have to have the ultimate respect for Kobe when it comes to being a true relentless competitor."

Watch a clip of Kobe's visit below!

Dan Patrick asks Nick Saban if he has to be reminded to smile and to enjoy because sometimes expectations are so high we forget or we don't look like we're enjoying what we're doing.

Saban responds:

"I get asked that question...I must (even though I don't feel like it), I must look like I'm not enjoying it because why else would people ask me that. But, I actually am enjoying it, but it's challenging. The most challenging thing is to stay focused on keeping the real thing, the real thing and not worrying about the external factors, expectations, comments people are making, rankings, ratings..." 

Listen to the full interview below!

Nick Saban Talks Alabama Squad