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Optics of LeBron's Groin Excuse Match Last Year's Wrist Excuse

Dr. Karen Joubert is the physical therapist who worked with LeBron James who recently put it upon herself to come to her patient's defense saying that the condition of LeBron's groin was so bad he should have been out for 6 months rather than just 6 weeks.

Chris Broussard & Rob Parker find that this post was odd which is probably why it was quickly deleted. Immediately, Parker remembered when LeBron James sported a wrist guard after his team fell 0-4 against the Golden State Warriors last year and felt this current post was more for damage control than insight. Then, the final pillow to soften this season for LeBron and the Lakers was the recent news that LeBron James will be shut down for the remainder of the season to nurse his groin. Chris Broussard doesn't think LeBron put Joubert up to this post but he agrees the optics are bad.

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LeBron's Groin Excuse Looks As Bad As Last Year's Wrist Excuse