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Patrick Mahomes Breaks Down Mistakes He Made Against The Patriots

Rich Eisen had on the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes breaks down his relationship with his head coach Andy Reid, which of his 29  touchdowns he's thrown that he's most proud of, how he's handling success, his first sports memory and much more!

Patrick Mahomes' favorite Touchdown he's thrown so far:

My favorite so far has got to be the one I threw to Travis Kelce this last week. I just put it up there, and he made a great catch on it, and I told Kelce 'You caught it and it looked good but if you don't make that play on it, and that DB makes a play on it, it's an interception. It just shows you the small line that you have on a throw being a touchdown vs. an interception."

Mahomes first sports memory:

"My first sports memory is when my dad was in the World Series. I'll always remember that. I think I was like 5 years old and I just remember him being in Yankee Stadium and me being at that game..."

Mistakes Mahomes learned from in the First half against the New England Patriots:

"When you come out, you can't try to do too much. I feel like in that first half, I was trying to make every perfect throw. I was trying to throw the ball as hard as I can every single time instead of just playing the game that I  played the entire year. They showed me a lot of different looks and a lot of different unscouted stuff and so I had to go back and watch the film on that and just find ways to not make those mistakes early in the game. When you play teams of that caliber, you can't make those mistakes and still win the football game."

Watch the full interview below.