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Don't Trust The LA Rams and Kansas City Chiefs in the Playoffs

There are four heavy hitters in the NFC and AFC Conferences right now in the LA Chargers, LA Rams, New Orleans Saints, and the Kansas City Chiefs. As we head towards the NFL Playoffs, it's time to start locking in on the playoff picture. It's easy to put these teams as the favorites to make it to the Superbowl, but Chris Broussard and Rob Parker are skeptical of the Rams and Chiefs. 

Saints put on an incredible clinic at the beginning of the season and ended up being the team to end the Rams eight-game winning streak. Chargers have had a rough start but have proven to find an identity and establish themselves as a team to be feared as the season wraps.

The Rams, on the other hand, have suffered losses from teams that have exposed flaws that nobody could point out at the very beginning. Everything that made the Rams great has betrayed them in losses to the Saints, Bears, and Eagles. Chiefs have been very successful, led by Pat Mahomes, but their losses have come at the hands of teams where the stakes were incredibly high. Chiefs can certainly defeat weaker teams but come up short against elite opponents.

Chris and Rob share their explanations as to why you can't trust the Rams and Chiefs in the NFL playoffs.

Rams and Chiefs Are The Teams to Trust the Least in the Playoffs