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Sean McVay Talks Cooper Kupp, Dante Fowler and Facing the Saints

Rich Eisen brings on the head coach of the now 8-0 Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay. Eisen and McVay talk in depth about the status of their wide receiver, Cooper Kupp, the team's acquisitions at the trade deadline and the upcoming challenge of Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. McVay also speaks on Todd Gurley taking a knee this past weekend against the Green Bay Packers instead of going for the touchdown and thus making the fantasy and Vegas crowd lose their collective minds:

Eisen: Did you think Todd Gurley was going to score at the end of that game?

McVay: You know what? I didn't because Todd is a situational master and he knew exactly what to do right there. He's a special player, but he's also one of the smartest players that's been around and I think that his big picture understanding and most importantly just the unselfishness that he's demonstrated right there when you look at the production he's had specific to touchdowns and always putting his team in front of some of the individual things you can accomplish, I think says as much about Todd and really our team as anything when one of our captains/leaders is doing the little things the right way and trying to find ways to just win the game, even if sometimes it does hurt your fantasy stat.

Here's what Sean McVay had to say regarding the challenge of the New Orleans Saints:

We have a lot of respect for what a complete team the Saints are in all three phases. What we try to do every week is figure out: what's it going to take for all three phases to play complementary football? These eight games that we've had up to this point have served as great reference points for us where defenses had a handful of big-time plays in crunch time to be able to win games. The offense has had to do some things to close it out, obviously special teams the other day...Aaron gets a big stop when we're down one point...ended up going and kicking a field goal and then to be able to allow Ramik Wilson to make that play...So I think it's been about all three phases, but certainly, we always have to be ready with contingency plans based on the way that the feel/flow of the game plays out...It's going to be a great challenge at New Orleans...

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