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Shaq on NBA Superteams: 'I'm From the Era Where Guys Wanted to Compete'

Shaquille O'Neal's recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel was interesting in that he revealed where he stands in regards to the two Los Angeles superpowers in the Lakers and Clippers. Shaq is on record of being in support of the Lakers for better or for worse. When asked about his thoughts on which team he'd join, Shaq took a different avenue and said he would NOT join the Lakers or Clippers in order for the NBA to maintain competitive balance saying:

Shaquille O'Neal: 'I'm From the Era Where Guys Wanted to Compete.'

Chris Broussard & Kelvin Washington (in for Rob Parker) react to Shaq's comments. Kelvin thinks Shaq is being a bit hypocritical with his statement considering the number of teams he jumped to in his pursuit of additional championships. Chris Broussard, however, disagrees with Kelvin and makes the case much of that what LeBron James & Kevin Durant did are much different in comparison to what Shaq did.