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Sorry Ben Maller, Manu Ginobili IS a Hall of Famer

Doug Gottlieb has a segment on his show called "What did the Fox say" where he takes audio from other sports shows and basically gives his take on their take. Ben Maller put out the following take below.

Without fail it got a HEAVY response on Twitter. Ben Maller didn't back down and in fact, doubled down!

This take also prompted Doug Gottlieb himself to respond below.

Doug Gottlieb put Ben Maller's take front and center to dispute Maller's claim. Doug makes the case that Manu Ginobili will not only will be a Hall of Fame player from accolades ON the NBA court, but it will also extend BEYOND the Olympic space where he earned a gold medal. Doug even feels Manu is a better overall player than Dirk Nowitzki.

Listen Below.

Doug Gottlieb Responds to Ben Maller

Here's the full original take by Ben Maller

Manu Ginobili Was Nothing Special - Thumbnail Image

Manu Ginobili Was Nothing Special