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Terrell Owens: My HOF Stage in Tennessee was Bigger Than Canton

Colin Cowherd brought on Terrell Owens for his first interview since having his own Hall of Fame ceremony in Chattanooga due to the major fallout between him and the HOF voters. Cowherd asked him why he preferred the small stage in Tennesse instead of the bigger stage in Ohio. Owens' response was:

“You and others have bought into a perception about me that doesn't exist. And it wasn't really about you and everybody else. If you heard my speech, I was with people who love, respect, and have supported me. I could have set my pride aside and been in Canton and used that stage but, I felt like the stage I was on was bigger than the Canton stage. I wasn't going to put on a phony face for those guys who have openly questioned my character. Guys like Michael Irvin, Cris Carter, Dan Fouts....they live in a glass house and have been throwing stones at me. I wasn't going to feel comfortable in that environment. They (my friends and family) didn't miss anything not being in Canton. The only Hall of Famer they were concerned about was me."

Cowherd also asks him about being needy over the length of his career including the problem with him as a player being sent to several teams in just a few years. Plus Colin thinks the CFL is below Owens and asks him why he'd even consider it.  Listen Below!

Terrell Owens on the Herd with Colin Cowherd

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