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The 6 Massive NFL Overreactions We'll Have 7 Weeks From Now

The 6 Massive NFL Overreactions We'll Have 7 Weeks From Now

As training camps start to ramp up, Doug Gottlieb (in the audio above) gets us ready for a new NFL season by warning you about the overreactions you'll see all over your face just seven weeks from now. These reactions aren't limited to people in the media as it will also include YOU or maybe your friends.

Here's the breakdown.

7 Weeks From Now:

1. We're Going to Think Matt LaFleur Looks Like a Genius

With no book on Aaron Rodgers in Matt LaFleur's offense, Rodgers against the Chicago Bears (In a Bears defense that lost their defensive coordinator) feels like seven weeks from now we're gonna be sittin' here goin 'SEE! MATT LAFLEUR WAS A GREAT HIRE, HE KNOWS SEAN MCVAY, AND THAT MAKES HIM A GREAT COACH!'

2. We're Going to Call the Patriots Dynasty OVER for the Millionth Time.

The Patriots always seem to come out of the gate slowly because they use the first four weeks as extended training many times have we seen the Patriots get dismantled early in the season where you go, 'NOW IS THE TIME I'M SELLING MY PATRIOTS STOCK!' knowing full well they get the Bills twice, the Jets twice, the Dolphins twice, and ultimately they'll be in the playoffs and they'll be fine.

3. We're Going to Think Ryan Fitzpatrick Will Have Proven the Skeptics Wrong

Fitzpatrick has been a guy who consistently has shown that in short doses, he can light up the league but in longer doses...He's Ryan Fitzpatrick. FitzMagic eventually wears out, and the backup comes in, or the starter comes back, and he's the better quarterback...The case study on Ryan Fitzpatrick is always the same.

4. We're Going to Say There's Too Much Scoring in the NFL

We'll have ridiculous numbers because early in the season, they call everything on the defense. Every pass interference or ones not called can now be reviewed. Every amount of contact close to the head or using the head will be penalized; every defensive hold will be called, WHY? To grasp the fans, the fantasy football fans, get attention. The first month to two months of the season is about offense.

5. We're Going to Say Le'Veon Bell is Out of Shape

Without a great offensive line, without a ton of knowledge to how to play with him, and without playing football for a year and a half, Le'Veon is not gonna be sharp. No one is when they have that much of a layoff.

6. We're Going to Think Kliff Kingsbury Looks Like a Genius

Kliff Kingsbury using the air raid style in week one will work because people won't have seen it. But much like young quarterbacks or even starting pitchers, It's the SECOND time around where people figure you out.