The Crazy NFL Stat Leaders Quiz

Now that we're midway through the NFL season, Jason Smith and Mike Harmon have put together a special quiz about the crazy stats around the league so far. 

Quiz Part 1

  • The second most sacked quarterback in the NFL is ________
  • Philip Rivers and how many other starting quarterbacks have 3 or fewer interceptions at the midway point of the season?
  • What Runningback has the most runs of more than 20 yards this season?
  • What team has a grand total of one interception so far this season?
  • What team lead the league in takeaways with 23?
  • Who are the top 3 players in average yards per receptions?

Find out The Answers Below

Quiz Part 2

  • No running back is averaging over a 100 yards rushing per game. True or False
  • What player leads the NFL in scoring by nearly 20 points over the next closest person?
  • What surprising defense is giving up the fewest rushing yards per game at 76.4?
  • The Buffalo Bills have scored more than 100 points so far. True or False
  • No NFL player has over 1000 yards receiving. True or False

Find out The Answers Below

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