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The Firing Of DJ Durkin Exposes a Much Bigger Problem at Maryland

Dan Patrick reacts to the University of Maryland firing their head football coach, DJ Durkin shortly after he had just been reinstated. The assumption is that the University caved to the public outcry that arose due to what public opinion believes was an injustice to Jordan McNair who, according to reports, lost his life due to heat stroke because training and medical staff failed to give him the proper care.

Patrick said the following regarding this fiasco:

It's the grown-ups who fail us. It's all about the money. And that's what this was about: Money, potential lawsuit, paying him off, he's got a couple of years left on a 5 million dollar contract...You brought him in because you liked his personality...Did he deliver what you asked him to deliver?  In firing him, did you make the right decision for the wrong reasons? Because, you brought him back and then you fire him...Why? Because of the reaction that people had...the media coverage...THAT's why you fired him. He shouldn't have been brought back in the first place. If you thought that there was a toxic culture there...why'd you bring him back? He's not a good coach...

Watch Dan Patrick's Full reaction below.