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The Next 4 Months Will Determine The Rest of LeBron's NBA Career

The Lakers are currently in shambles, and you can hear in the audio Kobe Bryant's support of LeBron James in these trying times in Los Angeles. Kobe doesn't have to talk to LeBron about anything when it's quite clear that injuries have been the plague on this season and dealing with talent that isn't up to par to compete can be just as frustrating. What does LeBron James have to do now?

Well, Doug Gottlieb explains that these next four months may be important to LeBron's career. It's not about Space Jam 2, a necessary NBA finals vacation, or hanging out in a barbershop talking about million dollar struggles. These next four months are about getting the Lakers back on track whether LeBron James needs to activate recruit mode or boost the morale of his Lakers teammates after the Anthony Davis drama. Whatever it is, the front office already has a lot at stake. LeBron's actions in the next months and free agency will dictate the remainder of LeBron's legacy.

Doug Gottlieb explains below.

LeBron James Needs to Go Above and Beyond to Fix The Lakers