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The Reason Andrew Luck Looks Good Is Because the NFL Stinks

Jason Smith has been no stranger to calling out Andrew Luck on several occasions throughout his career on the Indianapolis Colts and today is no different. The Colts have a season record of 6-5 and are coming off a five-game winning streak. These wins were against the following:

  • Buffalo Bills
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Tennesee Titans
  • Miami Dolphins

It could be one of the more desirable schedules for any NFL team especially when you consider that the Colts should have beaten the New York Jets who preceded their matchup with the Bills. It's because of this that Jason Smith is not ready to give credit to Andrew Luck because it would seem that Luck's success this season has more to do with weak NFL competition.

Listen below.

Andrew Luck Is Good Because the NFL is Bad