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This Is a Lost Season For The Lakers & The Future Is Bleak

LeBron James takes an incredibly ugly loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, and it has little to do with the statistics. It's not like the Lakers were blown out. It has more to do with the ramifications of every loss as the NBA approaches the postseason.

When LeBron James joined the Lakers, it was as if the stars had aligned for a franchise that has needed a necessary resurgence since the days that Kobe Bryant rocked the purple and gold. LeBron James had just come off a season where he played an unnecessary majority of the games and waltzed right back into the NBA Finals during his Cleveland Cavaliers campaign, last year. The greatness was considered to be contagious.

Greatness has caught a cold. The Lakers seemed destined for the playoffs this season, but then the groin injury hit LeBron. Eighteen games without James did no wonders for a team that needed him, which only seemed to get worse as the trade rumors flooded the headlines and the overall morale hit nearly killed whatever hope this team had left.

Lakers now sit comfortably outside the playoffs after losing to Clippers and several other teams they had no business losing to. Dan Patrick summed this up the best way possible, calling this a lost season and explains why this offseason may end up being even worse for this woeful franchise. Watch Below