Tom Brady Shouldn't Retire But Patriots Should Draft a Successor

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

As the Super Bowl nears, the world can no longer be surprised from this day forward that the Patriots are still the team to beat. Much has been said about age getting them down, but they always manage to persevere. They now have three straight Super Bowl appearances under their belt since 2016, and despite his age, Dan Patrick thinks Tom Brady should stick around, but Patriots should also consider getting a successor in the draft.

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Dan Patrick on Potential Successors:

They looked at Baker Mayfield...I never found out to what degree. So they're eventually going to go and get a guy who's going to be Tom's successor. They went in, in the second round, and took Jimmy Garoppolo a couple years ago. Now that's high!

This time around, I think that they're taking a quarterback and I think that quarterback is going to be the guy who eventually succeeds Tom Brady. 

I would...because the Saints are going to have to do this too...with Drew Brees. Chargers might be doing this with Philip Rivers. At some point, you want to get that guy, but you don't want to get him too soon. I want to use that rookie salary to benefit me.

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