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Tom Curran: I Don't Think Gronk's Retirement is Permanent

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills

Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement over the weekend and frankly there's no better way to go out. He goes out on top being an important part of a great franchise, with a great coach, great quarterback, great system and he himself, a great tight end. He may not have recently been the Gronk of old but he came through for the New England Patriots when it mattered most and after you hear claims that his body felt like he went through several car crashes, hanging up the helmet and pads seems like a brilliant idea.

Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston, on the other hand, explains to Dan Patrick why he thinks we shouldn't be so quick to think Gronk is done with football. Here's what Curran said when Dan Patrick asked him what Gronk may be doing in mid-August:

He's starting to get the itch. He's on some movie set somewhere doing his 50th take of some four word line and he says, "What am I doing here?" But then he says to himself repeatedly, "I'm not gonna go back." And then September passes, October it gets harder and then, maybe, he's back. That's my feeling. I don't think this is permanent."