Tony Gonzalez Admits He Believes in Ghosts

In the middle of discussing Indianapolis Colts chances of beating the Chiefs, Tony Gonzalez shares why he believes in ghosts.

"At Cal (California Golden Bears) I had a ghost (a lady that passed away before I moved in) and she used to mess with me. I lived there alone in a little one bedroom the middle of the night, she'd be shaking me. And then I moved out at the end of the year (I didn't know this) and the guy is all: 

'Yeah, it's a shame that lady before you, she passed away right here on the couch. We didn't even know she was in here for like 3 weeks.'

So that's what happened to me, so I believe in ghosts."

Listen to the exchange between Colin and Tony below.

Tony Gonzalez Believes in Ghosts

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