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The Trend of NFL Running Backs Hurdling Players Won't End Well

On Sunday night, Saints running back Alvin Kamara made a leap of faith over a defender, and it didn't end as he hoped as the Rams defender recovered upward and nearly flipped Kamara on his head.

Watch below.

Risks like these are something Dan Patrick had a heavy concern with when Josh Allen attempted it recently. This trend has been on the upswing with the enforcement of the targeting rule where players are not to make contact with their helmets above the shoulders.

When Patrick spoke with former Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew, Maurice explained that the hurdling has picked up in direct response to players going after the body and the legs to tackle players saying: 

"When you're a dynamic running back, and you're going against safety and corners all they try to do is take your legs out and so for me my deal was trying to figure out how to shake'em or lower my shoulder arms because I knew they couldn't get as low as I could, but the other thing was to make sure that you protect your knees because that's your Résumé."

Watch Patrick and Maurice's conversation below.