Warren Moon: Numbers Are Showing Deterioration in Tom Brady

In an Expert/Legendary list that included, Warren Moon, Drew Bledsoe, Joe Theismann, Bruce Arians, Trent Green, Darren Woodson, and Tom House, Bleacher Report attempted to put a microscope on Tom Brady and ask the big question: Does Tom Brady Still Have it?

Hall of Famer and former NFL quarterback, Warren Moon said the following regarding Tom Brady this season:

"The numbers are starting to show that there's a deterioration coming. Especially when you talk about the blitzing because that's something he used to really excel at. You do start to lose some of your reflexes and responses. I started to figure that out later on in my career, too. Even though your mind knows where you should be going, sometimes your body just doesn't react as fast. You're starting to see some of that with him."

Moon's perspective on this matter is one to strongly consider when you think about how he played quarterback at a very late age in the NFL. Moon Retired at the age of 45, and right now, Tom Brady is 41.

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