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Watch Paul George Address Passing Up LA Lakers Offer

Description courtesy from Short Story Long Hosted by Drama:

Paul George, one of the most talented NBA players in the world grew up in Palmdale, CA loving to fish and play basketball.  His sisters were star athletes and he was always known just as their little brother.  It was around his senior year he made a name for himself and established his dominance in basketball which led him to be recruited by the top programs.  Ultimately he chose Fresno State, played there for two years before being drafted in the first round of the 2010 NBA Draft by the Indiana Pacers.  Listen in to Paul's journey to becoming one of the greats, his mindset while playing, his injury & his willingness to give back to the youth through his charity, the Paul George Foundation.

(WARNING Explicit Language)

LA laker Free Agency talk is around 46 Minute mark