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Watch the Last Time Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers Played Each Other

The painful truth about this upcoming Green Bay Packers VS. New England Patriots game is the fact that these two highly regarded quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have faced each other once in history. We would have had more, but we were deprived of it in 2010 because Rodgers couldn’t pass concussion protocol. Due to the chances of these two teams facing off again possibly being 2022 we may be looking at the final meeting between Brady and Rodgers. (Unless they meet at the Superbowl)

Right now Rodgers has one win over Brady, and when you factor in team wins, Brady has a chance to tie the team series tonight and make it 6-6 between the Packers and Patriots. 

The Patriots roster isn’t what it was, but you still can’t make any mistakes against them if you’re Green Bay. Unfortunately, Packers are coming off a loss to the Rams that was completely blown by special teams. Interestingly enough that player responsible was sent away near the trade deadline, but that may not make up for the other issues between Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers as far as how the offense is being run. This should be an exciting game. For now, enjoy the last meeting between these two teams below!

UPDATE: The NFL Has Since blocked the video to be watched here but NOT pulled it. Either click the link below or click here and you'll be directed to the video on Youtube!