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Where Colin Cowherd Was Right & Wrong For October 8, 2018

It's Monday, so it's time for "Where Colin Was Right/Wrong." This segment is where Colin Cowherd reviews his previous takes on sports recently and holds himself accountable for better or worse. Here are the categories that Colin Cowherd will discuss in the audio below.

  1. Colin Cowherd's Blazing 5 (Right)
  2. Defending Dallas Cowboys' Jason Garrett (Wrong)
  3. Rookie Quarterbacks will Start to Shine (So Right It's Getting Annoying) 
  4. Khabib Nurmagomedov VS. Conor McGregor Result (Wrong)
  5. The Philadelphia Eagles Will Come Back Down to Earth (Right)
  6. Supporting The Coaching of Cleveland Browns' Hue Jackson (Wrong)
  7. The Green Bay Packers Aren't a Top 10 Team (Right)
  8. The Baltimore Ravens Were My Number 1 or 2 Team (Wrong)
  9. Oakland Raiders' Jon Gruden Will Struggle (Right)
  10. Being All In On The Atlanta Falcons  (Wrong)

Listen Below For the Details.

Where Colin Was Right and Wrong