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2 Pros and a Cup of Joe

2 Pros and a Cup of Joe

All-American football stars & 1st Round NFL Draft picks LaVar Arrington and Brady Quinn along with Jonas Knox start the day with informed, outspoken,...Full Bio


Warren Sapp Wasn't Lying About Kaepernick's Workout with the Raiders

Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington tell you why they believe Warren Sapp when he says Colin Kaepernick's workout with the Las Vegas Raiders was a 'disaster.'

Jonas Knox: "If his workout was so great, to Warren Sapp's point, why no footage?"
Brady Quinn: "If the Raiders were willing to bring him in and they thought he performed well enough, other teams would ask how he was, and he would get another workout, he would get more looks. There's a lot of word of mouth in the NFL."
LaVar Arrington: "I know Sapp pretty well and one thing Sapp is not, he's not a liar... Sapp wouldn't have said it if that's not the information he got from somebody who was close to it. So it's safe to say that the workout was terrible."
Brady Quinn: "Part of it too is the game has changed. These young dudes coming out now can sling it and that was the weakest part of his game and if he hasn't transformed into that, it's gonna be hard to impress any of these teams anyway."