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Cole Swindell Joins the Doug Gottlieb Show!

Photo: Theo Wargo

American singer-songwriter Cole Swindell Joins the Doug Gottlieb Show to talk his everyday life as a performer and artist. He lets Doug know what he thinks of the College Football Playoff and tells us who he thinks should have made it in to the final four! Lastly, Cole goes over how he started his career in Nashville and lets us know about his craziest performances!

Cole Swindell- “I’m just glad I wasn’t on the committee, cause golly that was just tough for a lot of different reason, and I know passionate fans are all about college football. I understand that it’s the best 4 teams in there but I don’t understand how Georgia isn’t one of the best 4 teams in the country. All around I don’t’ I know how they came up with that. It’s just a tough spot to be in and I’m glad I can just watch it!”