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Peter King: David Tepper Is George Steinbrenner Without The Winning

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

Photo: Getty Images North America

DAN PATRICK SHOW - As the NFL regular season enters the home stretch, the 1-11 Carolina Panthers are wrapping up an unmitigated disaster of a year, and have separated themselves from the rest of the bottom feeders to stand alone as the league's most dysfunctional organization. After passing up league MVP candidate C.J Stroud in favor of an unremarkable Bryce Young, Carolina is locked in a bad culture death spin with no signs of turning things around in the near future.

Today, Dan caught up with Football Morning In America Columnist Peter King who had no problem laying the blame for Carolina's and their hyper impatient meddling owner David Tepper for his hair trigger when it comes to firing coaches, creating a bad workplace ripe with distrust and paranoia, and - according to multiple reports - putting his thumb on the scale to draft Young over Stroud with the #1 pick, against the wishes of his coaching and personnel people:

"David Tepper is George Steinbrenner without the winning. He's a disaster."

Unfortunately for Panthers fans, it appears things will get much worse before they get better.