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Jason Smiths’ Mets Just Keep On Doing It... Jorge Lopez YO!

Photo: Adam Hunger

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Mets Pitcher Jorge Lopez’s comments after getting ejected for throwing his glove into the crowd. Mike tries to stop the bleeding after Jason’s Mets gets swept by the Dodgers and Jason breaks down where it’s all going wrong with his hometown team!

Jason Smith: “Okay there you go, well he (Jorge Lopez) said it! HE SAID IT, this whole place sucks, I mean is he wrong about how bad the Mets have been? NO, but you don’t say that about your team... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU MAN! Come on man every time I say to myself, ’We have a great owner and we are going to make money,’ Oh my god nope we have to be an absolute tire fire! The Mets just can’t be a professional franchise for more than 5 minutes without something like this happening!”
Mike Harmon: I’ll give you one thing that will make you feel a little bit better. The White Sox right now are looking to have their first home stand of 7 games or more where they go winless in team history. So that’s good!”