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Rams-Chiefs Could Be Moved Or Postponed Due To Field Conditions

This game has been on the calendar for many people for a couple of months now, and it looks like it could be moved. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the game between the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams currently scheduled for Mexico City looks like it could be moved to Los Angeles due to field conditions 

NFL officials are expected to convene at the stadium Tuesday in a meeting that was previously scheduled to examine the playing surface and make a final decision about whether the game can and will be played there, sources said. If it is not, the game would be moved to Los Angeles.

Regardless, this matchup upcoming will be one of the best matchups in recent memory and could be a potential Super Bowl matchup. These two teams are both 9-1 and still both really need the win to make that push for home-field advantage in the playoffs. 

An update on whether or not the game will be moved could come later today. 

Photo: Getty Images