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Did Patrick Mahomes Strategically Play Up His Injury?

Photo: Rob Carr

Rich Davis: "There is no way Patrick Mahomes was in the pain that he appeared to be in and then played the second half as well as he did, unless he had like horse tranquilizers or Miyagi was in the locker room... He was crying on the trainer's shoulder! Mahomes hobbled like there was no way he was coming back in that game, then he dominated like the MVP he is."
Steve Covino: "Maybe it's a mind trick? Maybe he wanted the Eagles to think that he was more hurt than he was? I don't think that's what he did, but it did run through my mind."

Covino & Rich can't help but be a tad suspicious about how much Patrick Mahomes was actually injured during his incredible second half in Super Bowl 57. The guys explain why they believe Mahomes may have played up his foot injury sustained at the end of the first half, given how well he was able to perform after halftime.