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Robert Horry: “Our Rockets Team Would’ve Beaten Jordan’s Bulls Teams”


Robert Horry: “I’m not just saying this because I was on those Rockets team, but yeah, we would’ve beaten those Michael Jordan Bulls teams. I don’t think people understand how good Hakim Olajuwon. I want you to go through and think of every team that’s won an NBA championship. Every one of those teams had at least two or three All-Stars on their rosters. We had one, and that was Olajuwon, and we were able to win that Championship coming back down from 2-0. I know MJ is the greatest of all-time, but sometimes the greatest of all-time falls, and Orlando proved that when they beat him in 1995... I have so much love for MJ, but don’t disrespect Hakim Olajuwon, because he would’ve been a tough matchup for them.”

Seven-time NBA Champion Robert Horry joined Covino and Rich to discuss the NBA playoffs, recap some of the highlights of his career, and offer his take on how the 90’s Rockets would’ve lined up against the Michael Jordan-led Bulls! Listen to the full interview above!