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Lonnie Walker Was a Hidden Treasure

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four

Photo: Getty Images North America

Steve Covino: “Lonnie Walker was fun to watch last night, coming off the bench and proving himself in a big game. He got in there during the 4th quarter and scored 15 points. There something to be said about his confidence & composure last night, it was super impressive. You’re always going to need that spark plug off the bench, it’s a great piece for the Lakers Championship run. I’m honestly excited to see what they do next with him.”
Rich Davis: “There’s something to be said about being in the zone in any sport but in basketball it really shows that you’re on—that has to be the greatest feeling ever.”

Today on Covino & Rich, the two guys talked about Lonnie Walker & his impressive performance scoring the Lakers 15 of 27 points in the fourth quarter last night. Steve thinks we as sports fans learned a great lesson from the performance & Rich touches on how it must feel being in the zone like Walker was. The conversation concludes with Covino bringing up the thought that maybe Lonnie Walker is the hidden treasure of the NBA that the Lakers needed.