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Caleb Williams May Rewire How We Judge Top NFL Draft Prospects

Photo: Katelyn Mulcahy

Rich Davis: “The dad of USC’s Caleb Williams says a bad situation could lead to his son Caleb skipping the 2024 NFL Draft and he (Caleb’s dad) talked to Archie Manning whose career was shot due to getting drafted by a bad Saints team. He’s talked to Lincoln Riley about Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield struggling due to where they were drafted. The organization matters.”
Steve Covino: “There are layers to that because you could still end up with a crappy organization the following year because that’s just how it works but maybe he prefers that team and city regardless... and it might benefit him financially to stay back another year. It’s possible.”
Rich Davis: “The NIL adds another layer because it used to be well I want to get to the league as soon as possible and I don’t want to miss out on these millions I could make. Well if you could make $5 million plus in college then there’s no urgency like previous generations.”

Steve Covino and Rich Davis discuss the possibility of potential No.1 pick, Caleb Williams skipping the 2024 NFL Draft. Listen to the full segment above!