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LeBron James Sits the Game Before AND After the All-Star Game

Photo: Ethan Miller

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James will miss tonight’s game vs. the Golden State Warriors and Dan Beyer & Mike Harmon, filling in for Covino & Rich, are of two minds about King James sitting out. Dan believes the All-Star Game is a tent-pole event for the NBA and its biggest stars should be available even if it adversely impacts the regular season. But Mike thinks it just another game and LeB4ron should prioritize regular season wins.

“If LeBron James needed to miss one regular season game so he could appear in an All-Star game, I think that’s a fair trade.” -Dan Beyer @danbeyeronfox
“(The All-Star Game) is not special from an event because we see these guys every night.” -Mike Harmon @SwollenDome