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Where Are The Doc Rivers Haters Now?!

Milwaukee Bucks v Charlotte Hornets

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Beyer: “I’m not taking a victory lap after the Bucks win...this is the point that just bothered me so much when the Bucks started out 3-7 with Doc Rivers, and JJ Redick was at the forefront given his personal experience, but he was not the only issue with the criticism was that they were 10 games into his tenure! He was basically in a no-win situation, and to judge him after 10 games was just a complete piling on...”
Monse Bolanos: “Not only is it only a 10 game sample, but the thing that Doc Rivers has been criticized the most for is what happens in the playoffs, not in the regular season. That’s why it was all so illogical; it was more fun to criticize him than be logical!”

Filling in for Covino & Rich today, Dan Beyer and Monse Bolanos talked about why the rush to criticize Bucks head coach Doc Rivers for the team’s tepid start under his stewardship was completely illogical, why the current win streak doesn’t mean anything either, and how it all relates to Russell Westbrook!