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Tyson vs. Paul Might Be A Glorified Sparring Match

Jake Paul v Tommy Fury

Photo: Getty Images Europe

Steve Covino: “Mike Tyson and Jake Paul announced that they’re going to have a fight...Jake Paul saying it’ll be an honor to be in the ring with one of his heroes, one of his idols, he’s being very respectful, which I like, but is that the angle you want to take when you’re trying to knock someone’s block off?!”
Rich Davis: “Mike Tyson was all in favor of the Paul brothers coming to boxing...that was a couple years ago, when he was 55. He’s going to be 58 when this fight happens! How do we know this isn’t gonna be a glorified sparring match!?”

On today’s edition of Covino & Rich, Steve Covino and Rich Davis reacted to the news that Jake Paul will be taking on legendary fighter Mike Tyson in a fight, but the guys aren’t fully convinced that the fight is fully for real!