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Widely-popular broadcast duo Steve Covino and Rich Davis feature their unique take on the hot sports topics of the day, injected with their brand of...Full Bio


Covino & Rich BELIEVE Tonight May Be The GREATEST Night In Women’s Sports!

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Covino & Rich break down the LSU Vs Iowa matchup today letting us know that this just might be the most important night in women’s sports history and could even break some records! Listen to the full segment above!

Rich Davis: “Listen I don’t want to be that eye-rollie girl dad but I told my wife set the DVR! I want to watch this with my daughter... I just think if tonight is not the night to grab your daughter or the women in your life and be like ‘support other women’ then I don’t know when is!”
Steve Covino: “It’s so great for woman’s sports and we have to acknowledge that history is being made today...Props to all the women that paved the way and kicked ass to get to this point, the Ronda Rousey and the Holly Holms, those matchup’s were huge!”