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Baylor Scandals Are Happening All over the Country

“If a small private religious institution will allow this to happen, don’t you think that at a big state school, it’s even more likely to happen?”

As the Baylor football saga continues to percolate as one of college football’s darkest scandals, Clay Travis thinks the shameful undertakings should not be considered anything along the lines of a lone wolf event.

Travis believes Baylor is simply the tip of the iceberg.

“Is this the tipping point for college athletics?” Travis said. “These scandals, while they tend to usually blow up at one school in particular, are actually pretty rampant everywhere.”

When it comes to the sport of football, Travis says any guy who runs a 4.5-40, or who can throw the football 70 yards will be admitted into almost any college he pleases, no matter how low his academic prowess, and no matter how low of character he has. Creating a hostile clashing of the environments when these individuals hit college campuses. 

“Every school in America that hopes to win a championship at a major program is admitting lots of guys who would otherwise never step foot on campus,” Travis said. “I am confident that the arrest rate for football players and the crime rate for football players dwarfs every other team on campus.”

Even though it’s no mystery that the athletes of sports like football and basketball receive preferential treatment from faculty, Travis thinks it’s reached even more astounding levels.

“A guy could go to school for four years and then test functionally illiterate on the Wonderlic,” he said. “It’s evidence clearly that the school has been cheating like crazy to keep him illegible for four years.”