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Fans Running out of Reasons to Watch the NBA

“If I’m Adam Silver sitting around, I’m thinking ‘Gosh, there’s a lot of months left for a result that everyone already knows.’”

During an NBA month of February that may resemble the MLB’s ‘Dog Days of Summer’, Clay Travis thinks the NBA has a major problem on its hands when it's delivering a product that is essentially a foregone conclusion.

With the Cavaliers and Warriors steering towards a third straight matchup in the Finals with their conference opposition predictably wavering, Travis wonders why basketball fans would even bother watching until June.

“If you know how the movie ends do you pay attention to the beginning of the movie?” Travis said. “The NBA is by far the least exciting of any major sports league, because the Warriors are just so much better.”

Travis mentioned the electricity other sports can generate, with the college football playoff, March Madness, and Stanley Cup Playoffs generating massive upsets at every turn, but said the NBA is nearly completely devoid of the unexpected.

“I’ll go ahead and tell you exactly what’s going to happen, barring injury in the NBA this season,” Travis said. “The Warriors are going to win the title in six games over the Cavs. The only excitement is going to be when the Warriors get up 3-1 in this series and everybody wonders if they can come back.”