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Edelman says Garoppolo has 'Favre, Rodgers Confidence'

SI - "The guy is a stud," Edelman said. "He went out and played in the regular season and played very well. He has that kind of gunslinger-like confidence, that Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers kind of confidence."

Here we have Julian Edelman giving very high praise to the guy who tricked him into thinking he was Tom Brady for the first two weeks of the season. 

I think by this point everyone knows the deal in New England. Things are NEVER as they appear. Tom Brady has been on the injury report basically every week since 1984, and this is just another example of misdirection from the office of Bill Belichick.

Who wouldn't want their quarterback to have the confidence of guys like Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers? Those two literally throw the ball wherever and whenever they please. It'd be like if JR Smith was a quarterback. That's why Edelman heaped the praise. Teams like Cleveland and San Francisco are probably salivating at the idea of a good looking QB with Favre-like confidence and will overpay to get him.

Jimmy for a first rounder just got more real.