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Knicks top the Forbes List of Valuable NBA Franchises

Yahoo - Forbes said in its annual survey of NBA team valuations that the Knicks were now worth an estimated $3.3 billion (3.1 billion euros), a 10 percent bump on 2016.

The Knicks posted an NBA-record operating profit of $141 million last year, despite a losing 32-50 season record.

Another iconic franchise with a dismal record -- the Los Angeles Lakers -- were ranked second with a value of $3 billion.

The Lakers, who suffered the worst season in their history in 2015-2016 with a 17-65 campaign, are also struggling again this year at 19-38.

You hear that sound? Way off in the distance you can hear the feint laughter of James Dolan, who scribbles a $ sign into his binder titled 'preparation' while fans are foolish enough to watch what's happening on the court.

Another year goes by, and the Knicks continue to be the wealthiest franchise in the NBA. Absurd isn't it? Behind them are the Lakers in second, with the Warriors rapidly growing their own brand as well in third.

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