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Charles Oakley compares James Dolan to Donald Sterling

TMZ - Oakley was asked about Draymond Green's claim that Dolan has a "slave master mentality" -- and while Charles wouldn't definitely agree with the term ... he didn't say Green was wrong either. 

Oakley sounded off on "SI Now" and said he predicts the Knicks "will end up the same way as the Clippers" -- clearly insinuating that Dolan will be run out of town a la Sterling. 

When pressed if he thought Dolan was a racist, Oakley said, "He's on the level."

Am I not seeing what is racist about this? To me it seems like this guy:

Is more along the lines of unintelligent than ignorant. Not like, unintelligent as in academically because he clearly owns a franchise worth $3.3 Billion, but rather just a bit too old and out of touch with the current political and cultural climate to abide by what we feel is completely common-sensical behavior. 

Maybe, Like I said, I am missing the point entirely. But this comment does seem a bit much.

Nonetheless, worst owner in sports. Hands down. Sorry Knicks fans, this isn't getting better.