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ESPN Cuts Bill Walton's Mic after Dr. Slavedriver Comment

Right before halftime of last night's random NBA on ESPN game that featured Dickie Vitale and Bill Walton in the booth AT THE SAME TIME, Walton delivered what we'd all been hoping for (and what ESPN had been dreading) and said something teetering on the edge between inappropriate and racist.

The NBA, where amazing happens.

Walton referred to his producer, who was undoubtedly in his ear all night threatening not to say anything insane, as Mr. SlaveDriver. A name which Walton clearly and incredibly didn't see as racist or ill-timed. Nope, not a thought in his mind about that.

Jason Smith and Michael Harmon broke down the entire thing INCLUDING audio from the broadcast and the comment itself last night. Listen below, and be sure to tune into The Jason Smith Show every weekday from 11-2 am est. on Fox Sports Radio.