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Glen 'Big Baby' Davis Slams Doc Rivers

Fox Sports - Glen "Big Baby" Davis appeared on the podcast "In The Zone with Chris Broussard" this week, and opened up on his former coach Doc Rivers ... and how he doesn't understand why Rivers is considered one of the greatest coaches of all time.

Specifically, the 31-year-old Davis calls Rivers "lucky as hell" and "overrated" as a coach, and points to the team and general manager in Boston as the reason Rivers has a ring. Davis, who is currently a free agent, won a title with Rivers and the Celtics in 2008, and played for Rivers again in 2014-15 on the Clippers.

Here is the transcript. (Emphasis mine.)

Davis: Because what Doc had in '08 was special and he was lucky as hell … Lucky as hell. The year before that they was wearing trash bags … But then the next year they win it, now he is one of the best coaches ever? I’m just not feeling that. You know what I mean? You give credit to KG. You give credit to Paul Pierce. You give credit to Ray Allen. Those are the guys who made sure whatever Doc needed to be done, got done.

Glen Davis did not have a career before Doc Rivers, and he did not have a career after Doc Rivers. Those are just the facts of the matter. Not like any loyal Celtics fans would view these comments as attempting to move the needle or a cheap shot over sourness about how the situation ended between Big Baby and Boston. Nope, definitely won't think that. 

When Glen Davis was nearing the end of his time as a Celtics player, things got really weird between him and the front office. No idea how this influences the above text, but nonetheless worth noting when hearing a former player bash a coach to this extent. 

Seem excessive? Maybe it's because Glen Davis is a bad liar.