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We Would Have Already Known if James Dolan was a Racist

You know that whole thing with child acting stars, how they are in the spotlight for so long that every flaw within their personality has been made accessible to the public and it drives them crazy? Imagine that same type of media coverage for an entire lifetime, and try to apply it to Knicks owner James Dolan. That is why he probably isn't a racist.

Hear me out. 

Dolan was accused by Draymond Green of having a 'Slave Master Mentality' yesterday, and today Charles Oakley made the same remarks about racism and Dolan's ignorance. But Dolan has been a major public figure in New York City for a looooooong time, do you think this would be just coming out now if it was true?

Jason Smith is a Knicks fan, a Dolan hater, and probably wants to side with Draymond here just so the team gets sold... but he can't. Listen below to find out why.

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