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LeBron James should win MVP Every Year

"LeBron James could have a triple-double every night if he wanted too, but he has too much self-awareness and commitment to winning to do so."

The NBA has not cared about statistics nearly as much as they do now at any point in the entire history of the league, and all of a sudden it has become the determining factor in deciding the MVP. The award, by it's title and nature, should simply go to the player who is the most valuable to his or her team, not the best statistical achievement.

LeBron James should win the MVP every single year.

He is good enough to get Super Star Players to take less money to play with him. He is forcing guys like Kevin Durant to make career decisions based on how to beat him. He basically decides the future of the league's landscape with every move. He is the Most Valuable Player, and it isn't close. 

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