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Weekly Roundup: Top Stories of the Week

Fox Sports Radio takes pride in the fact that for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can provide you with opinions on the top stories in the world of sports AND original content to keep you excited and entertained. This week, for the first time since Charles Oakley watched the game on television instead of at the Garden, we started to lean a little further on the latter art of the above statement, and kept it interesting with games, humor, and engagement.

On the Weekly Roundup, we usually take you through the entire scope of the Fox Sports Radio lineup, mixing in 25-30 articles throughout the text to keep you up to date. Today, we are making it a little different, and showcasing the BEST and STRONGEST bit of audio from each show. That way, you can get familiar with our lineup and see what type of show you might want to listen to.

Buckle up, lets go.

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis 

Doug Adler was fired from ESPN for using the term 'guerilla' in a tennis match he was broadcasting for, that happened to feature Venus Williams in the match. People took to twitter to blindly shout their misguided outrage (apply that sentence to anything, ever) at ESPN for allowing such a thing, despite it being a common term in the sport and ENTIRELY appropriate, and ESPN responded by firing Doug.

Adler joined Clay Travis this week to discuss the latest development, which is a lawsuit he has filed against 'the mothership' for improper dismissal. The two spoke in a long interview, here it is right here:

The Dan Patrick Show

(The Dan Patrick Show was off this week and will return next week)


The Rich Eisen Show

(The Rich Eisen Show was ALSO off this week and will return next week)

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

Jason Whitlock did a great job filling in for Colin on a few days this week, but when Colin was in that chair he was energized and ready to go after a long vacation. 

The best piece he delivered came earlier this morning when he was discussing LeBron James and the battle for MVP in the NBA this season. With many speculating that Russell Westbrook and his triple-double averages will be more than enough to secure him the honor, Colin makes the case that it should actually be LeBron James' award every single year he is in the league.

Hear him out.

You can be a LeBron hater all you want, but when you talk valuable you also have to talk impact on the rest of the league. James is not only able to persuade great players to take less money to play with him, but he is so good that other teams have to bring in superstars just to combat James. He shapes the landscape of the league with every decision made by his fast twitch muscles in his 6'8" body. He is the most valuable, he is the best, and he is definitely the MVP of the NBA:

Fox Sports Radio with Dan Beyer and Jonas Knox

One of the bigger stories coming out of the back end of this week was the news that Glen 'Big Baby' Davis was still on planet Earth. 

No seriously though, Davis made the news by eviscerating former coach Doc Rivers, calling him 'overrated' and 'lucky as hell' that Ray Allen and KG came to town at a time that Doc was 'wearing trash bags' and about to be chased out of town.

That seems harsh on the surface. Doc is a long tenured coach and deserves some respect. But...

Jonas Knox and Dan Beyer break down the team that Doc did coach, and how Glen Davis might not be so far from the truth. He might have gone too far, but the point was made and respected. Listen here: 

Steve Gorman Sports

Steve and Jeffrey Gorman are two of the most intelligent NBA minds in the world of sports talk radio, and they had a lot to say about the situation regarding Russell Westbrook and his relationship with the Oklahoma City Thunder following last weekend's incredible showcase game with Golden State.

Steve warned the Thunder that if they fail to upgrade their roster, they will lose the final piece of that Durant/Westbrook/Harden/Ibaka mix, and Russy will go bye-bye faster than he attacks the rim. Listen here: 

JT The Brick with Tomm Looney

JT always gets the best guests, and it was no different this week when he had NBA veteran Olden Polynice on to talk about Draymond Green's unnecessary involvement in the James Dolan/Charles Oakley saga.

Olden held nothing back, as he said that bringing race into it (as Draymond did) is a cheap way to make a point, and disrespectful. This is probably the best audio of the entire week:

The Jason Smith Show

Staying on the theme of Draymond and James Dolan, lifelong Knicks fan Jason Smith had a lot to say about the way Green labeled Dolan a racist with no evidence on the fact at all.

There won't be a louder anti-Dolan voice you hear all week defend the "honor" of a man who by all accounts is NOT a racist, just sort of an idiot. Listen here:

The Ben Maller Show

Rumors are stupid, and the king of attacking stupid rumors is most definitely Ben Maller, so when this story popped up during the week it only made sense it would result in his best audio of the week.


Listen Here:

Well, that's it for the week, hopefully everyone stays dry and safe in a very wet United States of America. As always it was really nice to meet you.