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How Would a Jimmy Butler Trade Change the Bulls and Celtics?

Jimmy Butler and the Chicago Bulls have been rumored to be splitting for the better part of two seasons, and the conversation surrounding the team has been mostly leaning towards the conclusion that he will be dealt away before the trade deadline. The most logical destination would be Boston, as they have the assets it would potentially require to pry Jimmy out of Chicago, but we can't be sure about the validity of the rumors.

Dan Beyer looks at this from an interesting perspective. Both the Bulls and Celtics are at franchise crossroads at the moment, with the future of the teams teetering on the edge at the moment. The Celtics, potentially loaded with assets and quality players, are one move away from real contention in the East. The Bulls, who are void of real stars and chemistry, could be looking to get something in return for Jimmy Butler and start the complete rebuild process. It's a very big time for both teams.

Beyer and Jonas Knox, who you can hear every weekday from 3-6 pm est. on Fox Sports Radio, break down all aspects of the potential trade. Listen below, and tune in live every day on the iHeartRadio app.