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Only Super Teams Can Win NBA Titles

“How are you going to win an NBA title in the next 5-10 years without three All-Stars?”

With Golden State 4 games clear of San Antonio for the best record in the NBA, and 7.5 games atop last year's world beaters Cleveland, JT The Brick wonders how the Warriors current roster, a team who just brought four players to the NBA All-Star Game, is going to be approached by the rest of the field.  

“If you’re not a Warriors fan, then this is going to suck for you for a long time,” JT said. “When did we get to the point where you need 4 All-Stars to win a title?”

JT thinks in the current NBA, the only way for a team to realistically contend for the next decade is to somehow acquire three of the best players in the league, with anything short of that simply not good enough.