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Kirk Cousins only okay with 49ers Trade

SF GATE - Washington’s quarterback would prefer to be traded to the 49ers, if he doesn’t remain with his current employer in 2017, ESPN reported.

Cousins, 28, spent the first two seasons of his career with 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, who worked with him as Washington’s offensive coordinator from 2012-13.

Washington is expected to use the $23.9 million franchise tag on Cousins by the deadline of 1 p.m. Wednesday. However, Cousins and Washington aren’t close to a long-term contract agreement and it would be prohibitively expensive to place the franchise tag on Cousins for a third straight season in 2018.

To put in perspective just how badly the Redskins have messed up the financials in this Kirk Cousins saga, that $23.9 million franchise tag has basically been his going rate for now a majority of his time in Washington and all of his time as a starter. Now that "long-term deal" the Redskins were somewhat avoiding by being indecisive ends up basically being whatever they offer PLUS the past three seasons at one of the highest marks in the entire NFL. So it'd be the same as going back in time to when this all started and paying for 8 years (guessing) at top dollar. 

Now, when you think about whether or not the Redskins should franchise tag Cousins this season, you have to view his personality and ceiling as components and not just current wins and losses. The Redskins have only had to focus on the product on the field, and not the overall entirety of Cousins as the face of a franchise, thus far. 

I say pay him, but we will know soon what Washington thinks.